Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

Why Choose Prairie du Chien?

The Prairie du Chien Economic Development Corporation is the primary marketing arm and resource for information about the Prairie du Chien community. In addition to the data available here, the Economic Development Corporation can provide custom data or site and building information specific to your needs. Prairie du Chien has a history of successful economic development projects and we welcome the opportunity to bring your project to reality in Prairie du Chien. To request additional information, please contact the Prairie du Chien Economic Development Corporation today.


Prairie du Chien is geographically located in the center of four Midwest states including Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. Ranked 89th among cities with a population of 6000 or less with short commutes to major cities, Prairie du Chien is located just 55 miles from La Crosse or Dubuque, 88 miles from Madison or Cedar Rapids, and four hours drive from three major mid-western cities of Chicago, Minneapolis, and Des Moines, making Prairie du Chien a great central location. See maps.

Business Climate

In Prairie du Chien, industry is offered an ideal environment designed to secure solid footing for business growth in today's economy. Policy makers are finding ways to keep the road clear for business development by helping control costs. Through tax policy, job training initiatives, and attractive financial incentives, Prairie du Chien and the state of Wisconsin have advantages for businesses that lower expenses, keeping revenues working for growth. Read more on advantages.


Attracting a suitable workforce is critically important and a recent labor report clearly illustrates that Prairie du Chien has the workforce capable of efficiently operating any sized project. See demographics.

World Class Companies

Prairie du Chien is home to a few international companies including Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co., Cabela's Distribution Center, Universal Forest Products, DH Satellite, and Bennett Hardwoods. Diverse housing options, quality of life, and cultural amenities make Prairie du Chien the right place for recruiting workforce talent, and there are numerous companies in the community that provide testimony to this fact every day.

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A vibrant circle of activity with four major Midwestern events, university, community, and opportunity, Prairie du Chien is a first class community of 6,000 people located in the heart of the Midwest. Historic Prairie du Chien offers a charming small town atmosphere, with all the amenities found in a big city, making it an ideal place to locate a business. Read more about Prairie du Chien.