Information, Programs, and Incentives


The City of Prairie du Chien has an aggressive industrial development program. This program utilizes a public/private partnership to create a win-win situation for both parties. Many industries have chosen Prairie du Chien as the location for their plants because they felt Prairie du Chien was a "good place to do business". Historically, Prairie du Chien has utilized available financial assistance programs to help promote economic development. Prairie du Chien has (1) utilized tax increment financing (2) issued numerous Industrial Revenue Bonds (3) assisted businesses obtain labor training grants (4) assisted businesses obtain financing from public programs (5) obtained grants for infrastructure improvements and (6) established a local economic development loan program.

Commercial Property Descriptions

A. General Property Description

Prairie du Chien has commercial parcels of property ranging in sizes from 1.5 acres to 50 acres available to fit your needs with access to larger parcels if needed. The parcels have good granular soil content and have good transportation access including rail.

B. Property Ownership/Cost

Business and industrial property is owned and /or controlled by the City of Prairie du Chien. The Prairie du Chien Economic Development Corporation is charged with managing and marketing the development. The City of Prairie du Chien's primary objective is to encourage the creation of jobs and to increase the tax base. The cost of the site varies depending on the increase in tax base and creation of jobs by the business. In many cases the cost of the site is reduced significantly.

C. Parcel Sizes

Our Business and Industrial Park parcels range in size from 1.5 acres to 50 acres.

D. Zoning

Prairie du Chien utilizes "I-1 Industrial Manufacturing" for manufacturing facilities and "B-1 Business" for business facilities. This is compatible with the proposed facility.

E. Characteristics

The parcel is essentially flat. The Crawford County Soil Survey classifies the soils as Dakota Sandy Loam, Dakota Loam and Waukegan Loam. The soils are well drained. Ground water will normally be at depths of greater than 5 feet. Sandstone bedrock is greater than 20-foot depth. The soils will have a bearing capacity in excess of 4,000 psf.

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A. Sanitary Sewer System

The City's wastewater treatment facility was recently expanded. The design capacity of the plant is 2.0 million gallons per day. Currently the facility is operating at 50% of its design capacity. Eight and ten inch sanitary sewer mains will serve our business and industrial sites. For more info

B. Water System

Municipal water is furnished by the Prairie du Chien Water Utility. The City has two wells totaling 2,750 gpm and storage of 1,400,000 gallons. The static water pressure in the City is 105 psi and the water system can provide a minimum of 3,500 gpm fire flow. A 12-inch water main serves the business and industrial sites. For more info

C. Natural Gas

Natural gas is furnished by Madison Gas & Electric (MG&E). Natural gas is available within the City with 2" and 4" diameter mains serving the area. For more info

D. Electric

Electric power to the City is provided by Alliant Energy. For more info

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A. Highways

The City of Prairie du Chien is served by US Highway 18, State Highway 35 and State Highway 27. In addition, State Highway is within 6 miles.

B. Trucking

Following is a summary of the major carriers serving the City of Prairie du Chien:

  • Consolidated Freightways
  • Roadway Express, Inc.
  • Yellow Freight Systems, Inc.
  • Gross Common Carrier, Inc.
  • USF Holland
  • Moore Trucking
  • S&S Trucking
  • Old Dominion
  • Vitran
  • R&J
  • Swift
  • Werner
  • Bay & Bay
  • YRC
  • ABF
  • Gordon
  • Dohrn
  • Conway
  • Estes
  • Yahn
  • Forward Air
  • N & M
  • Valley Cartage

C. Additional Couriers and Delivery Service

UPS and Fed-Ex provide daily pickup service in Prairie du Chien. Customers call for pick-up when needed.

D. Airports

The City of Prairie du Chien operates and maintains a Municipal Airport. The airport is located on the City's south side and has a 5,000 foot and 4,000 foot runway. A terminal building, hangers, and aircraft fueling are available at the airport. The Dubuque and La Crosse Regional Airports are located 50 air miles from the City of Prairie du Chien providing key direct connections to Chicago, Minneaplis, Detroit and other major cities on a daily basis. For more info

E. Railroad

The City of Prairie du Chien is served by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and the Wisconsin Southern Railroad.

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City Services

F. Police Department

The City of Prairie du Chien has a police department that is served by 13 full time and 7 part time officers. The police department is equipped with 6 squad cars. The Prairie du Chien police department has a 24-hour dispatch facility that is serviced by 4 full-time dispatchers. For more info

G. Fire Protection

The City of Prairie du Chien has a fire department that is served by one full time fire chief and 32 volunteer firemen. The City has two fire stations that are equipped with 2 pumper trucks, a ladder truck, and related support equipment. The City's fire protection classification is 5. For more info

H. Medical Facilities

Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital, established in 1957, is a 25 bed critical access hospital. The hospital offers more than 60 personalized services to meet the health care needs of people in every stage of life, who live in the communities of Southwest Wisconsin and Northeast Iowa. The hospital collaborates with other regional health care providers, including Gundersen Lutheran, Mayo Health System and Great River Medical Clinic, all located in Prairie du Chien.

Prairie du Chien Memorial Hospital has an active staff of 20 medical doctors, a consulting staff of 59 specialists, and 4 doctors who collectively serve the emergency department. During the last half-century the hospital has grown to serve approximately 400 people per day and employs more than 300 professional staff.

A new healthcare facility is currently being planned, and construction is expected to be completed in 2014. For additional information on the Memorial Hospital visit

"Typical" Proposal


This document is offered for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a formal commitment on behalf of the City of Prairie du Chien nor should it be perceived as embodying all of the representations that have been made by both parties. The parties should understand that only after final negotiations have taken place and a Performance Agreement has been approved by both the Business and the City of Prairie du Chien's Common Council will the final terms and conditions be identified. It is anticipated that the final Performance Agreement will embody substantial portions of this document together with modifications requested by both parties. Neither the City of Prairie du Chien's Common Council nor the Business shall be deemed to have accepted anything contained with this document or anything previously discussed by their respectives until they are reduced to writing and adopted in a final Performance Agreement.

City Commitments

Conveyance of Site - The City shall convey a _____-acre(s) parcel to the business.

Street Access - The site shall be served by streets designed for industrial traffic to provide adequate ingress and egress to the site. A new urban section street will be constructed to serve your site at no cost to the business.

Sanitary Sewer and Water Service - Sanitary sewer collection mains and water distribution mains will be provided with adequate capacity to serve the proposed facility. The City shall furnish, at no cost to the Business, sewer and water laterals to within 30 feet of the proposed building. A 12-inch water main and 8 or 10-inch sewer main will serve the site.

Electric and Natural - Gas Electric and natural gas service shall be provided by the City to the parcel at no cost to the business.

Direct Business Assistance - The City shall provide $______ of direct business assistance to be used for the following activities at the discretion of the business.

  1. Strip and stockpile topsoil (excess topsoil shall be the property of the City).
  2. Furnish and install compacted granular fill to the grades furnished by the Business at no cost to the Business. The fill shall be placed in maximum 8" - 12" lifts and compacted to a minimum 90% Modified Proctor density in areas under the building and paved areas. It does not include excavation for building foundations, footings, building utility trenches or similar facilities.
  3. Construct gravel parking lots and access drives. The work shall consist of furnishing and installing a 6" compacted thickness of crushed aggregate base course. The Business shall be responsible for additional thickness of gravel and bituminous pavement.
  4. Pay for employee training programs.

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Financial Assistance

Historically, the City of Prairie du Chien has aggressively and successfully utilized available financial assistance programs to help promote economic development. Prairie du Chien has (1) utilized tax increment financing (2) obtained grants from EPA, HUD, Wisconsin DOC and Wisconsin DOT and (3) issued numerous Industrial Revenue Bonds.

In addition, the City has organized investors to construct buildings for industry. The City will, in conjunction with this project, use reasonable efforts to assist the Business in obtaining financial assistance to implement its project. This effort will be for both the initial phase and for future expansions.

The financial assistance potentially available for this project includes the following:

  1. Revolving Loan Fund- The City has an existing Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund that it will make available to the Business. A loan could be made with an interest rate of __% for up to 5 years.

  2. Tax Incremental Financing- Tax Incremental Financing is available at the site. Using the Tax Incremental Financing program, the City can write down the cost of property, make site improvements to the parcel and provide necessary infrastructure and utilities. The amount of expenditure the City can make is dependent upon the increase in tax base created by the proposed project. The expenditures are like a grant in that the business does not pay the funds back.

  3. Industrial Revenue Bonds/Redevelopment Bonds- The City will sponsor an Industrial Revenue Bond (IRB) for this project if statutorily available. IRB's are federal tax exempt bonds that result in reduced interest rates. The City has created a Redevelopment District for the Bloyer Industrial Park. Redevelopment Bonds can be made available for projects locating within the district. A Redevelopment Bond is exempt from both Federal and State taxes, resulting in interest rates lower than IRB's.

  4. Public Funding- The City will use reasonable efforts and assist the Business in obtaining public funding from available state and federal programs.

"Typical" Obligations of the Business

The business shall execute a Development Agreement committing to the following:

Construct an approximate _______ square foot building, which together with the improved value of the parcel shall have a total valuation for real estate tax purposes of approximately $__________. Said valuation shall be attained not later than December 31, _______. Create approximately _______ full-time-equivalent jobs. The average hourly wage for production workers shall be not less than $__________/hour. Such employment levels shall be reached not later than December 31, ______. In the event public grants are part of the project financing package, the business shall provide documentation as is required by the grant program. Documentation may include commitment letter, jobs guarantee, financial statements, etc.

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The City believes this is a win-win proposal. We believe your business will find Prairie du Chien to be a great community in which to locate and expand its business. 3M, Prairie Industries, Design Homes, Quality Wood Treating, Bennett Hardwoods, and Cabela's have all located and grown, many spectacularly, in this community. The capability of the work force, the attitude of government, the environment of the area all makes this a place to live comfortably and prosper. Your business can be a valuable addition to the community. The City is looking for aggressive businesses that will create both good working conditions for its labor force but also businesses that will be active, good community citizens.